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Re: 6's & 1's

Postby dr_ether » Fri, 07 Oct 2016, 09:14

Graystoak wrote:Using D8's or even D10's would give you more room to modify up and down. However that would be a big reworking of the rules. I think 1 is always a fail is a given (gun jam or whatever), rolling above 6 is more tricky. I think the usual method is you need to roll a 6 followed by a 4+ to get 7, 5+ for 8 etc...

Yup that was the method used in 40k 2nd ed and Necromunda, however they removed that as it was just needless dice rolling.
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Re: 6's & 1's

Postby Balgin » Mon, 31 Oct 2016, 12:34

dr_ether wrote:You see the problem you have is that you have two factors with shooting.

Weapon Force

So a weapon that has armour piercing applied to it is effectively against armoured targets a higher force.
A card that increases the weapon force against an armoured target is also effectively gaining armour piercing.

This is the price of combining the roll to wound and armour save into a single roll, compared to 40k for example, where armour piercing and weapon strength are two distinct modifiers to separate rolls.

So the question is this - what is the appropriate solution that requires the least amount of effort?

A problem you have here is that Ares can easily crank up so much armour on two separate units that they'd practically be immune to Strength 4 weapons if rolling a 1 would not automatically fail (Armour 3 on two separate units is pretty horrific). To make things even worse, one of these units could also have Priority Target. Having an invulnerable priority is not much fun for an opponent.

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Re: 6's & 1's

Postby Graystoak » Tue, 01 Nov 2016, 09:29

I have to agree with the above. We tried a couple of games where 6&1's became auto and it felt like a big advantage to stronger units and a penalty for weaker ones.

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