IS there any NEW info ????

The new of FallenFrontiers
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IS there any NEW info ????

Mensaje por Tickforge » Jue, 25 Ene 2018, 20:40

Hello Gang

Is the anything new about the game, I see you are planning another kickstarter for fallen frontiers what happened to supporting this version of the game ??

Where are all of the post ?? some of the stuff that wasn't spam was good reading you should put it back up

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Re: IS there any NEW info ????

Mensaje por Graystoak » Sab, 17 Feb 2018, 19:33

Well the new KS is on and doing well but it’s for figure busts of the FF characters, rather than directly related to the game.

However there is the opportunity to pick up some of the 32mm figures and Scale have confirmed that a new rule book is in development.